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Digital Businesstech & finance support

WAHM Technical offers technical support services to business owners who require the assistance of a personal and experienced team for tasks such as website management, remote meeting support, business finance and other online business technical needs. 

Empowering you to feel at home in a digital world!

Tech services & support

The experienced virtual assistant team from WAHM WorkSpace offer tech services from South Africa for the world. We support creative entrepreneurs and business owners to feel at home in the online space with personal and experienced technical support. We provide technical support for tasks such as website management, remote meeting support, and other online business technical needs

Whether you're looking for help with looking after your wordpress website, wanting to have a personal relationship with your hosting provider, or needing to build a new website, we can provide all the technical support you need from a team of WAHMs who've been in the online space for many years. 

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Whether you're looking for help managing your Zoom meetings or workshops, or you're looking to host a huge virtual conference, we're able to assist with the whole spectrum. We host in our accounts and take all the stress out of online meetings and conferences. 

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If you are looking for support in running your online business, migrating your emails or general technical support that's not specifically web related we can support you there too. We offer retainers and packages that can be tailored to your needs. 

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Who is WAHM Technical Support?


Bianca Johnson started WAHM WorkSpace in 2017. In February 2018, Adrienne Brown joined the team. Together they grew the team of Virtual Assistants of WAHM WorkSpace and discovered a mutual love for empowering others and helping business owners understand their business. They continue to provide passionate empowerment, training and support to business owners throughout South Africa and the world.

In 2023 the business split and rebranded to WAHM Launch Support, WAHM Training and WAHM Technical.

WAHM Technical is supported by Bianca's husband Brian Johnson, a computer programmer.

Personalised Services

Book a call and we can see how best we can help you. Whether you would like to discuss your website project, your technical support needs or need guidance on the best option to choose for you, book a call below and get personalised tech support answers.